Sean Michael Kenny

"The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it." John, the Apostle 

​​The Modality

Light Artist


Naked before you,
To not exist at all.

I listen to songs of nothingness
Now gone in the tranquil fog.
… Loves whispers fill my soul.

Now knowing truths journey,
It is the light that binds heaven.

My love, hold me…
It is to be.

SMK 2003


Yes!, I am enamoured with dolphins
Now My heart weighs less
Thank you God... Wind ... Love
Here are my tears which rained that day ...
Farewell my indigo night,
For it is time to say goodbye
... And now I may dream, know
Light ... caress...
Gentleness... depths...
sunshine.. emerald sea...
anew with mornings dawn
... It is to be

SMK 2014


Truths confronted mask
From the embers I have awaken
No beginning,
No end,
In an instant I live in all eternity
If only in this dream
And it is here that I love 
One with forgiveness

SMK 2002


Lily, I met you this day
On the street of gold
Admiring all seven shades of Purple
This day,
Our day of whispering wind
Never noticed the truth
I am still.
For I will not harm your petals,
… Known within me
These are my thoughts, my heart
My desire…
…my love…
This day…
The hurt, the pain… broken harmonies
Dancing with glimmers of hope
And knowing it will ever be
Ahh… I long to sing again
For new… change… death…
Breathe into my existence...
… On this dayI

​SMK 2014

Feel so far away
Swim again, in my heart
Climb on ...Trust
I am ready to Stare down death
For this coward is merely Dust
Blown away by the wind
Within my arms of love
I Leap and fly across the chasm
Yes, I am, with you
This is my prayer
Keep us safe
... See I have you
Always ... in my heart

​SMK 2014

I run . . .

For the hunters after me
The snake!
I scream…
Please rescue me.
Break the glass!
Shatter my insanity.
Mirror, reflections twisted just the same
In pursuit, my foolish game
Wisdom’s lies…
For the I see above, beneath, within
There’s no escape
…So I run.
Down this narrow path
The open door
… breathe once more.

SMK 2010